Daniel Bevan

Since 2017, I have been shooting more and more images and my ability and diversity has increased a great deal. I enjoy shooting a wide range of styles, from sport to weddings. Finally, I love taking the opportunity to work with models in the studio where I and have produced some of my best work to date.

Over the years my kit bag has grown at a rapid rate. I began shooting with Canon 600D, being my first DSLR, I will always have a soft spot for it. In 2018, I upgraded and made that giant leap into full frame photography with a Canon 5D MKii - previously owned by a friend and fellow photographer - this absolute workhorse of a camera has an incredible story behind it and will always have a place in my kit bag. Finally, in early 2019 I made another leap, this time into the world of full frame mirrorless. My main body is an EOS R, I am yet to find a better camera.

Once I have finished a shoot, I then enter the editing phase. I spend a considerable amount of time making fine adjustments to my images so that I can ensure that I produce a high-quality product for people to enjoy and share.

Photography is my passion.