Some events benefit from a second photographer, to ensure that not a moment is missed. For these particular events I work alongside my Dad (Ian).

Ian bevan

My art is taking photographs that provide a straightforward and accurate representation of people, places and events. I have developed my documentary style manifested from personal feelings and emotions over a lifetime of taking photographs. When I started out I forged a style of my own by not relying on others work. I have kept true to myself.

I work unobtrusively, I soak up the environment until I am one with it, until I anticipate the shot I want and capture it in a moment. Tiny changes in facial expression, gestures, movements, emotions, everything that makes us human. I use natural light where I can, shadows, sun rays, clouds are tools of my trade.

I love the atmosphere we create as humans as we interact, the stories we tell, my photographs tell stories, they ask questions, they provide mystery. Above all they will evoke memories, you will treasure and keep looking at.